Please visit the Where link on the main page to find links to brick and mortar stores where you can purchase our fine coffee.

However we know that some of you have heard about us, but don't live in Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri, or Western Kentucky. And you have emailed, messaged and Tweeted to let us know you want it.

For you folks we now have a way for you to purchase online.

Please visit our Shopify site here. It is still pretty new to us, but the Shopify folks have been great to work with so far. So bear with us as we get accustomed to this new distribution method.

If you do live in the area we serve, please continue to give your patronage to the fine establishments that have been with us since the beginning. Thanks.

In a recent story on Scratch Brewing in Ava, Steam Shovel received an unsolicited mention, including some video shot during their visit to the roasting house last year. Scratch Brewing produces a "black ale" with Steam Shovel Coffee as a primary ingredient. You can watch the video here..

Find out more information about our friends at Scratch Brewing, click on their logo below.

The Sept 30th edition of the Southern Illinoisan included an article about Steam Shovel Coffee. Reporter Brent Stewart and photographer Aaron Eisenhauer visited Steam Shovel Coffee founder, Randy Miller at his roasting house. If you missed the paper, checkout the online edition by cicking on the Southern logo at left.

(Incidentally, the coffee beans photograph above was taken by Aaron on Sept 27, 2012 as part of the article)


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