Green Coffee Bags
Randy Owner Steam Shovel


Thanks for buying Steam Shovel. You may have noticed that we don’t have every variety of coffee under the sun, nor do we have every roast level. That’s on purpose. We produce a coffee that is flavorful without the complications.

Like you, we’ve stood in the grocery store coffee aisle, staring blankly at the seemingly hundreds of various coffees, trying to decide which to bring home. These experiences inspired us to adopt a simple goal: roast good coffee and deliver it fresh.

You see, at Steam Shovel, we like people, and we want them to succeed in their God-given talent. That success starts by having the best day possible, so we try to make that as easy as possible.

Drink Steam Shovel.
Go do what you do.
Bag of Steam Shovel
Roasted Steam Shovel Beans
Rusted Door


Coffee was a thought, a dream in the early 90s. It was always a plan to be in the coffee business at some point. When and how were questions that needed to be answered. In 2008 God opened the door! It took four years for everything to come together, the name( Steam Shovel Coffee), roaster, place to roast, plus so much more.

Finally in 2012 we sold our first bag of Steam Shovel Coffee.


From mugs to beans, we have your Steam Shovel Coffee needs covered so you can go do what you do.